The multitude of ethnic groups, most of whom have retained their original customs and habits, gives Suriname a cultural mélange that is unique in the world. Suriname is the only country in the Caribbean where Javanese, African, Indian, Chinese, Indigenous & European cultures live peacefully side by side in such a small community. The Surinamese mentality is the result of this mixture of diverse populations, in whom hospitality and exuberance are pretty much part of their lifestyle.

Surinamese are extremely tolerant and easily connect with others. We love partying, the outdoors, going out, socializing, and most of all, good food. Because of the different cultures, we also have different culinary delights in Suriname. The Hindustani roti, the Javanese noodles, the Chinese Tjauw Min, the Creole pom or Brazilian churrasco; you can try a different cultural dish almost every day of the week, which is an absolute must.

In addition to the highly varied cuisine, there are also various cultural festivals, performances, exhibitions, and cultural events that are highly recommended.

Our nature is rightly called the figurative icing on the cake. The rugged rapids, the impressive highlands, the pitch-black creeks, the snow-white savanna sands, the graceful plants and flowers, as well as the towering forest giants in the forest, combine to form the fairy-like backdrop of Suriname’s vast interior.

Most of the jungle’s flora and fauna are virtually untouched, and this is partly because about 80% of the Suriname rainforest is uninhabited. Add to this the fact that more than 85% of the country is covered by forest, and it becomes immediately clear how serene our jungle must be.

With a cup of coffee in hand, watching a population of birds flying overhead, playful monkeys in the tops of the trees, and at the same time enjoying the magical view, after you have feasted on a delicious pom, nasi or saoto; there is almost nothing that beats that experience.