Location:  Located on the Atlantic Ocean, north of Brazil, east of Guyana & west of French Guiana.

Population: 591,798 (2021).

Capital: Paramaribo.                                   

Ethnicity: Surinamese.

Composition: Indians, Afro-Surinamese, Javanese, Maroons, Indians, Chinese, Europeans, Brazilians and several mixed ethnicities.

Religions: Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Bahá’í, Agama Jawa (Javanism), Winti and a few others.

Currency: Surinamese dollar (SRD). Cash exchange of mainly U.S. dollars and euros can be done at cambios and local banks. Master cards and Visa are accepted at some hotels, shopping malls, and by tour operators, although most transactions in Suriname are by cash payment.

Electricity: 110 volts/60 Hertz; 220 volts available in some locations.

Temperature: Between 24 degrees Celsius and 36 degrees Celsius.

Seasons: 4 seasons; the minor rainy season from December to early February, the minor dry season from early February to late April, the major rainy season from late April to mid-August, and a major dry season from mid-August to early December.                   

Time zone: UTC-3.

Form of government: a president heads the democratic Republic.

Language: Dutch (official language); Sranan Tongo (lingua franca), most Surinamese speak basic English.