Those who choose Suriname as a vacation destination do so for a reason. We’ll give you some of them here.

The Jungle

More than 85% of Suriname consists of virgin jungle. This tropical rainforest belongs to the Amazon basin and is home to a wealth of flora and fauna.

Once outside Paramaribo, you will find so many shades of green that are home to various species of monkeys, exotic frogs, parrots, caimans, and felines.

The shimmering rivers with river beaches, creeks with their jet-black water, and milky white Savannah sand decorate your trip through the country’s jungles. Chilling out in the rapids, canoeing across the quiet creeks, or climbing the craggy highlands; it’s all possible in Suriname.    

The people

Surinamese people are known for their hospitality, humor, and friendliness. People love to chat, and often it seems as if Surinamese are celebrating life. If you are invited to a party or dinner, which is not uncommon, be sure to accept.

In addition, the various ethnic groups have maintained their cultural identity, and as a visitor, you will be drawn into the age-old traditions of, for example, the Javanese, the Hindus, the Maroons, and the Indigenous.

The Adventure

A variety of rugged activities can be undertaken in Suriname. From zip lining across the Suriname River to abseiling along a waterfall, and from whitewater kayaking over the wild rapids to spotting caimans at night. Those who want to take it a little easier can choose to take a bicycle tour of the district’s old plantations or sail by boat to the mouth of the Suriname River to spot dolphins.

The Food

Surinamese love good food, and good food they can make! The traditional dishes that come from various ethnic groups are traditionally eaten with the hands. For those who have not eaten with their hands before, trying this is an adventure in itself. According to the Surinamese, these dishes taste much better when eaten with the hands. That Surinamese food is tasty is already known, so we will not discuss that further.